About Us

Hi there! I’m a stay-at-home mom raising Shih Tzus in my kitchen.

The well-being of my Shih Tzu puppies is very important to me. These first 8 weeks make the difference for a healthy puppy. That’s why I begin quality care from day one.

Our Family

Our home prioritizes puppies. The older girls help out with daily feedings, exercise, and pre-training. The boys join in socializing the puppies. Abigail, the youngest, is mom’s right-hand helper from birthing, to daily care and exercise. Mom works the hardest to keep things clean, warm, and running smoothly, and Daddy helps out where most needed. 🙂

Our Environment

Our puppies receive first-rate individual attention, from a tiny pup to an active, growing puppy. The puppies are raised in the kitchen, and play in the grass outside during the day. They are kept clean, fed, and given fresh water daily. The parents are purebred, ACA registered. Physically and socially, our Shih Tzu pups develop healthy, affectionate personalities.

What We Are Not:

We are not a puppy mill or puppy kennel. We take time to care for, exercise, and love each dog.
We do not sell to pet dealers, but to families (people) who want to take care of their puppy.

Our Food

We feed the puppies a premium dog food that is high in healthy animal fats and proteins. We supplement their mother’s diet with natural immune builders during the nursing period.

Our Commitment

We are committed to raising pet-quality Shih Tzu puppies: friendly, loyal, and sociable for which their breed is known. Purebred puppies and dogs have been part of our family for many years. Each puppy gets checked and is given vet records by our veterinarian. Before placing our puppies into their new homes, we meet each family and review puppy care, including expectations, vet checkups, registration, feeding, and potty training. We stay in touch with many of our Shih Tzus’ families, especially if they have questions or need advice.